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It’s hard to find people who reflect our client’s values.  Building trust takes time.  So does building a great team.  

All our agribusiness advisors are members of New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM). To become a member each advisor must hold minimum academic qualifications, have been employed as a Primary Industry Professional for three continuous years and completed an ethics module. Applications also have to be supported by referees and accepted by the NZIPIM Board.

Directors Lee Matheson, Duncan Walker, Trudy Laan and John Perrin have also achieved the prestigious status of becoming Registered Members. To achieve this status they have been identified by their professional peers and clients as having a level of expertise and a high standard of delivery in the core competencies. To achieve this status they have to provide examples of work for review by peers, provide referees (including clients) and be accepted by an interview panel. As Registered Members they are also held to a high standard around professional development and are required to complete set amounts of this every year.


Lee Matheson - Perrin Ag Consultants Managing Director

Lee Matheson

Lee came to agribusiness consultancy via the unlikely pathway of a suburban Wellington upbringing, an Honours degree in plant science and a six-year career in the financial markets. In his role as the firm’s MD, Lee doesn’t get out on-farm as much as he would like but makes the most of it when he does.  Despite feeling like he’s swapped the paddock for the boardroom, Lee still provides dairy and dry stock farm systems advice, as well as being involved with farm business strategy, corporate governance, investment analysis and economic research.

Outside of Perrin Ag, Lee loves to spend his time refereeing rugby, watching his three kids play sport, gardening with his wife, Haidee, and indulging his seasonal passion, game bird shooting.  He tries to collect more wine and single malts than he enjoys and harbours a secret ambition to be a jazz pianist.

“I love the challenge of empowering people in our primary sectors and the excitement of seeing clients achieving their aspirations.  If we can encourage farmers to engage with their consumers, take a more active involvement in their supply chains and view their businesses through a wider lens, then I think our industries have a great future.”

Duncan Walker - Perrin Ag Consultants Partner

Duncan Walker

Duncan graduated from Massey University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture and Agribusiness. Coming from a sheep, beef and deer farming background, Duncan’s shift into the dairy industry was the result of an opportunity on his own account to undertake a dry stock to dairy conversion. Duncan project managed the conversion then continued to run the dairy farm for a further three years following the conversion. Since joining Perrin Ag in 2011 Duncan works with a range of clients from owner-operator farm businesses through to corporate multiple land use businesses. While he has a strong background in financial analysis, business strategy and pastoral farm systems, Duncan is increasingly working with clients to analyse and integrate horticulture and forestry investments into their farm businesses.

“I enjoy helping clients navigate through the complexities of today’s financial, operational and compliance challenges while helping to grow clients businesses through exploring and analysing new and innovative opportunities.”

Trudy Laan - Partner at Perrin Ag Cunsultants

Trudy Laan

Trudy graduated from Massey with an Honors degree in Agricultural Science.  Since then she has been involved in practical farming on her own account and worked as a senior tutor in agriculture. She has also been a national examiner for NZQA farm business.  Joining Perrin Ag in May 2002, Trudy works as a farm consultant in all areas of farming, specialising in dairying, corporate supervision, land use conversion and staff recruitment. 

Trudy brings significant experience in dairy farm systems and management, along with a real passion for lifting productivity and achieving her clients’ aspirations.

“My philosophy has always been that you spend so much of your life working, that you should work at something you are passionate about and would love to do even if you were not getting paid. Having been brought up on a dairy farm where we were actively involved, I have always loved cows. I also enjoy the privilege of being trusted to assist farmers and the long term relationships we have with both staff and owners in the role as farm supervisors.”

Leighton Parker - Perrin Ag Consultants Partner

Leighton Parker

Having had years of operating as a LOSM on a 940-cow dairy in Canterbury and a consultant for New Zealand’s largest privately owned dairy corporate, Leighton made the move in 2016 with his wife Hayley and their two children to Cambridge to join the Perrin Ag team.  LOSM and consulting has given Leighton the skills and experience of large scale practical and strategic dairy farming. He is passionate about grass based, low cost systems focussing on maximising shareholder returns and also has a particular interest in profitable farming under environmental limits. 

Leighton has a growing client base of progressive and high performing dairy farmers from Canterbury though to Matamata.  Leighton has a considerable track record in helping clients achieve profitable and sustainable farm business and is currently leading new research into the sensible incorporation of forestry into pastoral farm systems.

“From a young age I have been passionate about New Zealand’s primary sector and being connected to the land.  Consultancy has allowed me to continue this passion by partnering with clients to elevate their businesses, achieve their goals, and navigate through a new farming era.”

John Perrin - Chairman of Perrin Ag Consultants Ltd

John Perrin

John has been in business as a Registered Farm Management Consultant and previously as a registered valuer for over 35 years having gained experience in Land and Survey Department immediately after leaving Lincoln University.  That experience has centred mainly around land development, farm supervision, and setting farms up for subdivision and settlement under the ballot system operating at that time. 

In the 25+ years since leaving Lands and Survey John has specialised in large-scale farm supervision, management and consultancy for Maori authorities and other absentee owners.  Since the mid 1990’s he has been predominantly involved in the design and direct management of dairy conversion projects both in New Zealand and in the USA, most latterly having had oversight for the new sheep dairy development at Waikino Station.

These days John is focussed on his role as Chairman of Perrin Ag Consultants Ltd.

“In becoming involved in agriculture in the mid 1970’s I was driven to help farmers and their managers maximise production and profitability from their land.  Today farming is a very much more complex business and being involved in a rapidly growing advisory practice at a governance level and providing an environment where ambitious advisors and their clients achieve their joint goals and aspirations gives me great pleasure.”

Advisory Team

Peter Keeling - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

Peter Keeling

Peter grew up on a drystock, deer & dairy property in the Horowhenua area. Before joining the Perrin Ag team in 2017 Peter was the Supply Chain Manager for Firstlight Foods Ltd where he led the livestock team that managed the Venison and Wagyu Producer Groups.   Prior to that Peter had 20 years’ experience as an Agricultural Consultant based in Te Kuiti, where he is still based, working with predominantly sheep and beef clients.

Peter has a real focus on delivering achievable change that has meaningful results, assisting their farm businesses and teams meet their goals under the economic and environmental challenges that are present in the industry.

Peter enjoys farming his 56ha farm, playing tennis, water skiing and mountain biking with his family in his spare time.

“I just enjoy getting out to some great but often unseen areas of rural NZ to work with clients. Helping family (and corporate) teams meet challenges and achieve targets at both personal and business levels is motivating and rewarding.”

John Stantiall - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

John Stantiall

In addition to one-on-one farm advisory, John specialises in group learning and farmer extension.  John currently facilitates 6 RMPP Farmer Action Groups in the lower and central North Island and works with a diverse range of sheep & beef clients from Taranaki across to Hawkes Bay.

“I am passionate about pastoral farming and rural people, I enjoy working with famers and the technological and business challenges they face. I especially enjoy helping people learn. Seeing clients and staff develop confidence and achieve improved farm performance from the knowledge and skills they gain is very rewarding.”

Carla Muller - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

Carla Muller

Carla is an agricultural economist who joined Perrin Ag in 2019 following jobs with both DairyNZ and NIWA. She specialises in analysing the impact of policy and regulatory changes on farm systems and has worked in a range of projects from marginal decision making, irrigation research, economic impacts of water policies and biosecurity.  Carla has both an Applied Economics degree and a Masters in Environmental Management, both from Massey University.

Carla also holds governance roles within the primary sector, including as current president of NZIPIM and with the PrimaryITO board. 

“I’m passionate about a prosperous NZ built on a strong economy and a thriving environment. I enjoy contributing to this by supporting agribusinesses across the NZ food and fibre sector to balance and achieve both economic and environmental outcomes.” 

Rachael Mitchell - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

Rachael Mitchell

Rachael emigrated from the UK in 1998, having been brought up rurally in Devon.  Prior to joining the Perrin Ag team in 2014 she either jointly owned or worked on three different dry stock properties, winning two Ballance Agri Nutrients Farm Environmental Awards for nutrient management and habitat creation in the process.

Rachael is one of the few independent Certified Nutrient Management Advisers in the region.  Her attention to detail and passion for her clients sees her in demand with farmers wanting to establish their current environmental footprints, implement sustainable land use change or understand compliance requirements.

In her spare time Rachael enjoys walking, swimming and photography.

“Having farmed in NZ since the late 90’s I have a real passion for the industry.  Farming under a nitrogen cap in Lake Taupō has also given me a great insight into the challenges of farming within nutrient limits.  I am passionate about helping other farmers better understand their systems in the environmental conditions they now find themselves farming in.”

Alastair MacCormick - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

Alastair MacCormick

Since leaving his role at the BOPRC in 2018, Alastair has relished getting back out on farm, albeit at ground level as opposed to the 3,000 feet he was used to as former ag pilot.  Alastair works extensively across the water quality space.  This ranges from the grass roots level with farmers wanting to continue to improve the environmental outcomes from their properties, through to how government can actually implement policy frameworks.


“I enjoy working with farmers and feel for them during this time of rapid and difficult change. I believe that change is inevitable and necessary but strive to ensure it occurs in a manageable and intelligent way.”

Dwayne Cowin - Senior Consultant Perrin Ag Consultants

Dwayne Cowin

What started as a childhood passion and love of being on farm, has led to a career being involved in the agricultural industry since the day Dwayne left school.

After graduating from Massey University in 2007 Dwayne embarked on a career in the sheep and beef industry. After a stint shepherding and a sole charge stock management role, Dwayne then moved onto a livestock operations manager role at Lochinver Station. After 3 years Dwayne and his wife Zara entered into an equity partnership on a 420ha sheep and beef farm located in Piopio, King Country. Dwayne and Zara still actively manage this property, and live there with their two sons Angus and Connor, and nephew Axel.

Dwayne joined Perrin Ag in 2019 and specialises in all aspects of sheep and beef farming.

Outside of farming, Dwayne’s interests include rugby (although has recently retired and is now an active arm chair critic), hunting, fishing, and water-skiing. 

“I have a passion for seeing farms develop and progress, and also enjoy being able to see the people involved demonstrate the ability to lift both productivity and profitability, without compromising their environmental footprint.  We are all only caretakers of the land, and it gives me great satisfaction seeing so many farmers leaving the farm in a better state than when they started.”

Liz Dooley - Senior Consultant at Perrin Ag

Liz Dooley

Based in our Palmerston North office, Liz spearheads much of the applied research that the firm is increasingly delivering for clients across the value chain.  Seeking research opportunities is part of her role.  Another interest is agri-tech which she is exploring with others. Liz has a PhD in agricultural systems and management.

“I am passionate about working on new ideas and new ways of doing things to positively contribute to NZ farming. As a Researcher, I enjoy exploring new systems, technologies and value chains, and interacting with the younger generation who are the future of our industry.”

Vance Fulton - Senior Consultant Perrin Ag Consultants

Vance Fulton

Vance was brought up on a dairy farm just south of Whangarei.  He graduated from Waikato University with a Master of Science (Earth Science) degree in 1992.  After working as an engineering geologist in Auckland, he moved to the Northern Territory in Australia to work as a senior land management officer specialising in erosion and sediment control. 

Returning to NZ in 2003 Vance settled in Papamoa where he worked for the BOP Regional Council in Rotorua helping farmers to reduce their impact on the Rotorua Lakes.  In late 2005 he set up his own business providing agricultural environmental services specialising in Overseer modelling.  He is a Certified Nutrient Management Advisor and joined the Perrin Ag team as an Environmental Consultant in 2016.

In his spare time, weather permitting, he is usually found somewhere out at sea fishing, either in close catching a feed or way out over the horizon chasing the big ones.

“Being brought up on a small Northland dairy farm, my heart has always been with the land and its people. I enjoy working with and getting to know farmers and helping them to minimise their environmental footprint whilst maintaining economic productivity.”

Rachel Durie - Consultant at Perrin Ag

Rachel Durie

Rachel combines her excellent observation skills with exceptional analysis, resulting in a varied range of work, from land use change analysis to researching water quality mitigations to farm business supervision.  Rachel is currently based in the South Waikato.

“I enjoy the opportunity to assist clients in finding practical solutions to the diverse range of challenges the agriculture sector presents. Being able to see the benefits to a client’s business from problem solving is hugely rewarding.”

Braydon Schroder - Consultant at Perrin Ag

Braydon Schroder

Braydon, who joined the team in January 2019, is based out of our Rotorua office, where he manages a diverse workload ranging from facilitating RMPP Farmer Action groups, operational supervision for several Bay of Plenty dairy farms and farm systems advisory from Atiamuri to Opotiki.

“I really value the opportunity to help farmers translate the enormous amount of information out there to ensure they can make more informed decisions.  It’s a privilege being able to help people and their businesses succeed and grow in the agriculture sector.”

Daniel Payton Perrin Ag Consultants

Daniel Payton

Daniel grew up on a dairy farm in Marlborough at the top of South Island. After graduating from Lincoln in 2005 Daniel began a career with Landcorp Farming Ltd. He was a Business Manager responsible for large scale hill country sheep, beef and deer properties, based predominately on the East Coast. The role also included developing and implementing regional livestock strategies and gave valuable experience and exposure in the operation of large scale corporate agribusiness. 

After travelling overseas Daniel spent 2 years in rural finance and banking working with a wide variety of clients and business structures ranging from family operated farms to large multinational wineries.

Prior to joining Perrin Ag, Daniel spent the previous 8 years ‘back in gumboots’ in the dairy industry. This included Contract Milking and Low Order Sharemilking in the Taranaki region. This valuable time at the coalface again and the experience of operating his own business gives Daniel the ability to have a real affinity with all types of clients.

“From a young age I have lived and breathed agriculture and had a deep connection with the land. I enjoy not only offering solutions for clients to achieve their business goals but also the human element that is building relationships and enabling people to grow in their business”

Business Services Team

Nikki Barnard - Perrin Ag
Business Manager

Nikki Barnard

Nikki has 20 years of farming experience, mainly in the dairy industry, both in NZ and overseas. This has been followed by extensive senior agri-business experience in the rural and automotive sectors, including retailing, manufacturing, sales, banking, human resources and overall business management & development.  

Nikki joined the Perrin Ag team in October 2019 as Business Manager to deliver the operational management of the business and to continue to build capacity and efficiency throughout the whole business.

In her spare time Nikki can be found on a motorbike or without an engine on a road cycle or relaxing on Papamoa Beach.

“Helping people be the best they can be is what drives me! To be able to do it in the agricultural industry is a massive bonus for me!”

Gayle Newman - Perrin Ag
Client Services Manager

Gayle Newman

Gayle was brought up on a sheep station in Masterton and spent childhood holidays on a dairy farm in Raumate.  Her family then moved to Kaitaia before settling in Rotorua.  Gayle is a keen mountain biker and spends a lot of her spare time on Rotorua’s world class trails.  Her previous professional background is Hotel Management and tourism. She is currently studying Business Management through The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

Gayle manages our Client Services team, which sees her successfully dealing with the less-sexy but critically important behind-the-scenes functions of farming – data management, payroll, health and safety and digital information systems.

“In my role as Client Services Manager, I can live in Rotorua and enjoy (on a daily basis if I could) the Redwood Forest and the mountain bike trails. I love working closely with our Farm Mangers and the diversity my role offers, and being able to support the managers and hopefully make some of “those admin tasks” a bit more bearable.”

Susan Agnew - Perrin Ag Consultants
Business Services Administrator

Susan Agnew

Susan joined the Perrin Ag team in Dec 2018 as our Business Services Administrator. Originally from Auckland, she has lived on Waiheke, in Whangarei and has now settled here in Rotorua.  In her spare time she likes to travel with her family in their caravan and explore new places enjoying all the exciting hotspots that Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty has to offer.

“As I have a happy, bubbly personality, I enjoy meeting people and helping guide them in the right direction. I can also put to good use my affinity for accounting in this role, which I find really interesting.”

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