Farming for the Future – Sustainable Agriculture

“We are simply caretakers of the land for the next generation”

All farming operations rely on the protection and enhancement of their natural capital to ensure their businesses are sustainable on an ongoing basis.

The overwhelming majority of farmers understand and embrace the kaitiakitanga responsibility they have for their land and do their best, each and every day, to produce food in a sustainable way.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that our activity on the land has an impact on our environment and high public consciousness around issues like effluent management and nitrate contamination for example are causing us to have to engage with our communities and customers in a different way.

Effluent management, animal welfare and nitrogen fertiliser use are all areas where modern farming activities need to be increasingly proactive, but other issues, some of them longstanding, are just as relevant such as the sourcing of imported commodity feeds, soil conservation, energy efficiency, whole farm environmental footprint and biodiversity management.

We want our clients to be proud of what they do and our team has the expertise and experience to work alongside farmers to help them get the best outcomes they can for their businesses and the environment.

Things we can help you with include: