Maori Agribusiness

With Māori owning in the vicinity of 227,289ha of land in pastoral agricultural or horticultural production[1], Māori agribusiness is a significant activity, particularly in the Central North Island.

With an association stretching back 25 years to John's original practice in Rotorua, Perrin Ag continues to have a passion for and active involvement with Māori agribusiness ventures at a number of levels.

In addition to the active supervision of farming operations for 11 Māori organisations, Perrin Ag Consultants enjoys ongoing involvement with a large number of Māori agricultural enterprises, from as far south as Taumarunui and Kuratau, to Maketu in the north. The active supervisory work is a combination of both the executive management of the farming assets, including annual planning, budgeting and monitoring, and providing support to the governance bodies that are ultimately responsible for the assets.

Examples of Perrin Ag's involvement with Māori agribusiness include:

  • Active farm business supervision totalling 1.7 million kg MS and 42,000 stock units;
  • Provision of independent management audits;
  • Assessment of lease rental provisions and lessee performance for Māori lease land;
  • Staff recruitment;
  • Completing due diligence on land purchases;
  • Strategic reviews of business operations.
  • Supervisors of past Supreme Winner (Kapenga M Trust 2012 & 2003) and Finalist (Kokako Trust 2006) of the Ahuwhenua Māori Excellence in Farming Awards.

In recognition of the relationship Perrin Ag has with Māori agribusiness, the firm also offer an annual scholarship to agricultural or horticultural students with whakapapa to one of the many Māori organisations with which the business works.

[1] Landcare Research 2009

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