Corporate Agribusiness

The corporatisation of agriculture both in New Zealand and globally presents a different set of challenges compared with traditional owner-operator businesses. Corporate agribusinesses often encounter the complexities of needing to coordinate multiple operations, manage increased staffing levels, integrate monitoring and reporting capability and implement timely decisions within a longer management chain. Meeting shareholder expectations is also challenging in an industry regularly encountering climatic and market volatility and increasingly recognising the need to proactively address environmental risks.

With pastoral agriculture providing 41.9% of NZ merchandise exports and agriculture in total providing 53.8%[1], there is an apparent appetite for increasing active and passive investment in New Zealand agriculture. There exists a significant role for agricultural professionals to add value to this developing area of NZ agribusiness.

Perrin Ag Consultants are actively involved in the corporate agribusiness sector, with recent key roles and projects including:

  • Independent feasibility analysis & preparation of Information Memorandum for a high input dairy development;
  • Analytical support for applications to the Overseas Investment Office involving 'sensitive' land.
  • Provision of operational management support for a large dairy business in receivership;
  • Purchase and establishment of several dairy operations for corporate clients in New Zealand and project management of the establishment of multiple dairy conversions.
  • Completion of due diligence for large scale purchases of agricultural land for domestic investors;
  • Land use evaluation for industrial developments on rural-zoned land;
  • Expert testimony and independent opinion in resource management consent applications;
  • Business recovery for at-risk dairying investments, currently totalling 1.82 million kg MS.

[1] Statistics New Zealand 2009

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