Sustainable Management

All farming operations rely on the protection and enhancement of their natural capital to ensure their businesses are sustainable on an ongoing basis. While some aspects of environmental sustainability are high in the public consciousness, effluent management and nitrate contamination for example, the issue of sustainable management in agriculture encompasses a much wider range of issues.

Effluent management, animal welfare and nitrogen fertiliser use are all areas where modern farming activities need to be increasingly proactive, but other issues, some of them longstanding, are just as relevant such as the sourcing of imported commodity feeds, soil conservation, energy efficiency, whole farm environmental footprint, biodiversity management and intergenerational succession.

Examples of Perrin Ag Consultants' involvement in the area of sustainable management include:

  • Land use classification (LUC) mapping;
  • Preparation of Land and Environment plans (LEP);
  • Development of the nutrient management program and drafting of resource consent documentation for a 200ha farm park subdivision development in Rotorua, New Zealand.
  • Whole catchment nutrient management consulting to the Okaro Lake Catchment Restoration Group Sustainable Farming Fund Project.
  • Implementation of the Farmer Solutions Project, analysing the financial impact of changing pastroal activity to reduce nutrient losses in the Lake Rotorua catchment.
  • Development of nutrient loss benchmarks for nutrient challenged catchments;

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