Global Food Ventures

The increasing global population combined with the growing economic prosperity in developing nations is expected to continue to deliver a growing demand for safe and high quality food products, especially protein.  With a global reputation as a provider and innovator of both commodity and specialty foods, New Zealand's expertise is in high demand as both national and multinationals grapple with the often conflicting aims of producing high quality food at a cost effective price.

The New Zealand pastoral model is highly effective at producing low cost, high quality protein and in countries with similar climatic conditions, improving the utilisation of high quality pasture and grazing forages provides a means to increasing domestic production.  In parts of the world where pastoral agriculture isn't practical, New Zealand knowledge is still sought after given the country's recognised skills in agricultural production management, quality control, food safety, and systems analysis.

Perrin Ag Consultants, often in conjunction with its sister company Dairy Projects International (, has a growing involvement in providing professional consultancy services to this sector.  Key projects include:

  • Economic analysis of a 53,000 cow dairy development in Zambia;
  • Authorship of the 'Manual TecnoKiwi", a publication on the principles of New Zealand pastoral dairying for adaptation and adoption in Latin America;
  • Due diligence on a 44,000ha dairy and arable operation in the Voronezh and Rostov oblasts in the Russian Federation;
  • The provision of on-farm consultancy services under a multi-year agreement to Aproleche, Osorno, Chile;
  • Investigation and review of Chilean Dairy Industry for Ministry of Agriculture, Chile, and development of a model for setting up demonstration farms;
  • Development of a model for extension programme for dairy for Dairy Partners of America, Brazil;
  • Preparation of a feasibility study for major pastoral dairy expansion project in Astoria, Oregon, USA, as well as a feasibility study and business plan for a demonstration farm in Pennsylvania.
  • Economic analysis of pastoral grazing economics under centre pivot irrigation systems in Arizona, USA.

IMG_3478 global business cows on milking platform